Vinny's Quest
This is a page about how dangerous many of the things we eat are for pets. Our dog Vinny ate raisins and died of acute renal failure after five days of trying to get his kidneys working again. Check it out and spread the word. We hope that no one else has to go through what we did.

Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense
My blog has record reviews, live show reviews and general thoughts about rock n roll. I don't update as much as maybe I should.

Whole Lotta Album Covers
My other blog with Metal Mark and Ray. This one just sticks to the cover art and ignores the music.

My Records and CDs
I still love vinyl records and have a modest collection. I have some CDs too. You search them here.

Strange Fruit Peel Sessions
In the mid to late 80s, Strange Fruit Records issued EPs in three series, each of which was a session for the John Peel Show on BBC's Radio One. I have almost a third of them now, but this page contains varying amounts of info about all of those released in those first three series. Since then, a lot of Peel Sessions have been released, some by Strange Fruit and some on other labels, but those aren't addressed here.

There are two things in here: pictures and information about lighthouses I've visited and images of antique postcards featuring lighthouses from my collection.

My Photos
Here's some pictures I've taken.